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What you can do with our backend

Sensor Data
Integration & Visualization

Visualize all types of engineering data:
metrics, map, camera images and videos, 3D point clouds, and more

Big Data & AI Analytics

Perform AI analytics on big data with built-in or custom algorithms on cloud

AR/VR/AI App Development

Get real-world data from our 3D World Database for AR/VR/AI apps

Use Case #1 Sensor Data Integration & Visualization

Streamline diagnosis of engineering problems

Visualize your data in minutes with one-click or API-based automatic bulk uploading

  • Aggregate all data from sensors and visualize them on a single dashboard
  • Instantly visualize your data with automatic dataset recognition or customize your own view with modular widgets
  • 3D playback mode to stream real-time or historical data from UAV, drone or robotics
  • Apply built-in statistical analysis tools or define your own data-mining algorithms
  • Tag and annotate your data to highlight anomalies
  • Support for industry-standard data sources and formats (csv, rosbag, xviz, .px4log, .dmp, .pprof, .kml)

Use Case #2 Big Data & AI Analytics

Extract insights & answers from your big data with our backend

You don't have to know data science or cloud computing to perform big data analytics on cloud. Skip tedious work of designing and building your own cloud from scratch. Get our backend and use our built-in or custom algorithms to get started with your big data analytics.

Use Case #3 AR/VR/AI App Development

Forget about the backend and focus on building VR/AR/AI apps & services

AR/VR/AI app development made easy with our backend that allows you to access datasets about the real world via API calls.

  • Get datasets for your AR/VR/AI apps from our 3D World Database
  • Real-world data from IoT sensors & object detections
  • Our real world brought virtual with our point cloud 3D mapping
  • Annotate the world for your AR/VR/AI apps on our 3D maps
  • Integration with 3rd-party services supported (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.)

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