Leverage Engineering Intelligence (EI) from big data

Share engineering insights across cross-functional, multinational teams.

Visualization & analysis tools

Visualize all types of engineering data: metrics, map, camera images and videos, 3D point clouds, and more.

Report generation

Generate professional reports for internal use or communicating to external stakeholders.

Sharing & permission controls

Manage terabytes of engineering data within an organization with per-group or per-individual permission controls

Visualization & analysis tools

Streamline diagnosis of engineering problems

Visualize your data in minutes with one-click or API-based automatic bulk uploading

  • Instantly visualize your data with automatic dataset recognition or customize your own view with modular widgets
  • 3D playback mode to stream real-time or historical data from UAV, drone or robotics.
  • Apply built-in statistical analysis tools or define your own data-mining algorithms
  • Tag and annotate your data to highlight anomalies.
  • Support for industry-standard data sources and formats (csv, rosbag, xviz, .px4log, .dmp, .pprof, .kml)

Sharing & permission controls

Facilitate sharing of engineering intelligence (EI)

Ensure your multi-site teams and organizations are synchronized with the same information.

Set access control policies for your data sets individually or in bulk. Control what information can be accessed by your sales, marketing, PR departments or to 3rd party agencies.

Report generation

Present your insights with professional reports

Create and share professional reports to facilitate communication within organization or to external stakeholders

  • Choose from our predefined templates (eg. Case studies, proposals, evaluations) or create your own customizable reports.
  • Choose from multiple report formats (eg. PDF, DOC, PPT) and report visibility (private or public)

One-stop solution for engineering data visualization

Leave the complexities of managing and analyzing engineering data to us
so you can focus on solving interesting and challenging engineer problems
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