Our Mission

At PSYGIG, we want to help engineers develop safer, more secure and better performing software for robotics, drones and IoT applications. As robotics become more ubiquitous and ingrained in our everday lives, the software becomes more complex and sophisticated. Consequently, the risk and socio-economical impact of failure becomes more significant. Our goal is to provide tools to engineers to help with managing, diagnosing and resolving such risks in complex software environments.

Our Team

Started in 2017, we are a team with diverse cultural and technical backgrounds who thrive on being in open and collaborative environments. We enjoy being dynamic and adapting to ever-changing business environments and technology innovations.

Our members have worked on big data analytic solutions at YCombinator-backed startups in Silicon Valley and hardware systems at engineering firms in Japan.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Check out the openings we have available.

Our Investors

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