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Why use PSYGIG?

Whether you're building a drone, robot, IoT device, or any cloud-connected app, we know that you're working on complex solutions that is a pain to fix when something goes wrong. PSYGIG can help you identify and fix issues in product development by turning your machine data into actionable insights with our SaaS, API and SDK solutions.

Process-driven development

Our apps integrate seamlessly with your development process. Find problems early and avoid costly errors that are found after shipping your products.

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Suite of Apps to accelerate your development

Whatever the stage you are in the product development process, we have an app tailored to support your efforts.

Application performance management (APM)

Identify performance hotspots in your sensors, hardware, middleware code, computer vision algorithms, and machine learning models.

Error Tracking

Collect post-mortem or exception data for your device at the point of failure, including stack traces and memory dumps. Receive instant notifications on detected anomalies.

Data Analytics & 3D Visualization

Manage large volumes of stored or streamed metric data from sensors, hardware and software. Visualize and playback your data in our 3D viewer.

Log analysis

Consolidate and analyze logs produced by operating systems and applications automatically.

Video streaming & analytics

Stream live video from your devices and perform real-time recognition, computer vision and video analytics

Device Provisioning

Automate deployment of software configurations to your devices with zero-click bulk provisioning.


Measure and track device performance using a set of standardized tests. See how your product ranks against competitors.

Parts Database

Access a comprehensive database of hardware and machine parts to help select components for your product. See product specifications, reviews, videos and pricing history.


Too much data? Let's visualize it.

Our visualization app helps you make sense of large volumes of sensor data, hardware events and software logs. Playback your data in our fully immersive 3D viewer.

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Device errors? Let's fix it.

Our error tracking app analyzes sensor and video data, software logs, and crash reports to identify the failing component. We will notify you immediately and provide suggested fixes.

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Too slow? Let's optimize it

Our application performance management (APM) app profiles your sensors, hardware, middleware code, computer vision algorithms, and machine learning models to provide solutions on how to make your product run faster. In a world where winner takes all, your users will always choose the devices that offer them the best experience.

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What makes PSYGIG unique?

Multiplatform Support

Intelligent hardware and software data capture from a wide range of System-on-chips, CPUs, GPUs and O/S. Take advantage of native code optimized for your platform.

Frictionless Data Synchronization

Ensure access to all diagnostic events with no added end-user friction. Multiple sync options to support even the most challenging connectivity environments from drones, UAVs to robots

Analytics & Insights

Version tracking, graph comparison, trace, logs - wide range of powerful visualization and tools all made available on public cloud, private cloud, and on-Premise dashboards

Understand your devices like never before

Leverage Engineering Intelligence from your device
and create the best and safest experience for your users


We are now looking for Business Development Managers, Embedded Developers, Full Stack Engineers, and UI/UX Designers for our office in Osaki.