Why use PSYGIG?

Whether you're building a drone, robot, IoT device, or any cloud-connected app, we know that you're working on complex solutions that is a pain to fix when something goes wrong. PSYGIG can help you identify and fix issues in product development by turning your machine data into actionable insights with our BaaS, API and SDK solutions.

Save time spent on cloud with


Our BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) offers the prebuilt cloud platform for collecting, visualizing, analyzing, storing and sharing data from all your hardwares, including IoT sensors, autonomous machines and all physical objects in the real world. Our backend provides a suite of services can saves you from tedious work of building and customizing your own cloud for sensor data integration & visualization, big data & AI analytics or AR/VR/AI app development.

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Object recognition & 3D mapping with


Our LiDAR solution solves technical complexities for object recognition and mapping using LiDAR by providing a suite of algorithms for object detection and automating 3D point cloud mapping. Without knowing a single line of code, you can now maximize your benefits of using LiDAR.

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Detect invisible dangers with

Thermal Imaging

Combining thermal camera modules with AI and cloud, we help everyone stay informed about critical situations in real-time.

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What makes PSYGIG unique?

Multiplatform Support

Intelligent hardware and software data capture from a wide range of System-on-chips, CPUs, GPUs and O/S. Take advantage of native code optimized for your platform.

Frictionless Data Synchronization

Ensure access to all diagnostic events with no added end-user friction. Multiple sync options to support even the most challenging connectivity environments from drones, UAVs to robots.

Analytics & Insights

Version tracking, graph comparison, trace, logs - wide range of powerful visualization and tools all made available on public cloud, private cloud, and on-Premise dashboards.

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