Multiplatform SDK

Capture raw hardware/sensor measurements. Send control logs and error reports to the cloud. Track robots navigation and interactions with the physical world.

Online Diagnostic Tools

We make it easy to debug your Moving IoT applications with beautiful stack trace logs and tracking of metrics over time. You can easily compare benchmark for different versions of the same device or completely different models


See all robots telemetry at scale. Share 2D/3D maps, simulations, and analytics. Free public dashboards. Privately hosted and on-Premises solutions available for enterprise.

Cloud & Edge

Efficient Computing

Our turnkey solution makes processing at the edge or on the cloud quick and simple for everyone. With proven track record of implementing secured cloud solutions for top companies in the security-sensitive industries, our team provides you a secure and flexible way of managing and processing machine data.

Know your costs

Be Data-Driven

Do you know how much time you are spending on engineering tools and scripts not related to your product?

Do you know the cost of not resolving the technical issues before shipping the product?

At PSYGIG, we specialize in solving those matters for you so you can focus on developing the next cutting-edge technology for your customers.


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Based in Tokyo, Japan. Previously, we worked on big data analytic solutions at YCombinator-backed startups in Silicon Valley and hardware systems at engineering firms in Japan.
We are now looking for Business Development Managers, Computer Vision Engineers, Full Stack Engineers, Sales, and UI/UX Engineers for our office in Shibuya.
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