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Big data & cloud computing

Manage, analyze and share vast amounts of engineering data among multi-site, cross-functional teams.

Robotics vision & navigation

High performance multi-sensor solutions for robotics & drone navigation tasks (SLAM, path planning, computer vision)

Diagnosis / Benchmark solutions for Robotics

Comprehensive solutions to streamline failure detection and diagnosis in robotics. Benchmarking of robotic sensors, SoC platforms and navigation tasks.

DevOps for Robotics/IoT

Continuous integration, deployment and testing of all layers in your robotics or IoT software stack (CI/CD)

Big Data & Cloud Computing

Streamline your data analysis workflow

Tell us more about your challenges in managing enormous amounts of raw logs and sensor data.
We can help in areas such as:

  • Setting up automatic upload or streaming of your data
  • Supporting your proprietary data formats
  • Developing custom visualization and analytics tools tailored for your data set
  • Applying AI and machine learning (ML) techniques for generating new insights
  • Managing and securing access to your data with permission control policies

Robotics Vision & Navigation

Real-time navigation for drone & robotics

We'd love to hear more about your autonomous drone, car or robotics project. Let us help you with our expertise in building production-grade vision & navigation solutions, such as:

  • Real-time Visual/LIDAR SLAM for drones, self-driving cars and moving robots
  • Real-time computer vision tasks based on mono/stereo/RGB-D camera data
    • 3D pose estimation
    • 3D reconstruction
    • Motion estimation (eg. optical flow)
    • Object recognition
  • Real-time 2D/3D path planning
  • Simulation-based robotics testing
  • Cloud-based robotics control solutions
  • ROS-based full-stack robotics solutions
  • Flight controller hardware and software solutions

Diagnosis / Benchmark Solutions For Robotics

Identify & resolve errors quickly for safety-critical robotics

We know you're working on developing complex solutions to technically challenging problems in robotics. Let us support your efforts in the prevention and debugging of errors in your multi-layer software stack.

  • Comprehensive and centralized logging solutions for your software stack, everything from collection, searching and visualization
  • Real-time failure and error detection solutions based on data anomalies and trends
  • Streamlining of software crash data collection, diagnosis and resolution
  • Streamlining of application performance data collection, diagnosis, and code optimization (APM)
  • Benchmarking and functional evaluation of:
    • Sensor products (cameras, radars, LIDAR, GPS, IMU, weather)
    • Hardware platforms and SoCs (NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi, Edge TPU)
    • Robotics subprocesses and tasks (SLAM, path planning, collision avoidance, ML inference)

DevOps for Robotics/IoT

Test-driven automation for robotics & IoT deployment

Ready to scale your development efforts for your robotics & IoT projects?

Make sure you have the tools and processes (DevOps) in place to manage your entire software development lifecycle. With our unique expertise in production-level cloud and robotics development, we can support your entire DevOps pipeline for your robotics and IoT development:

  • Continuous integration, deployment and testing (CI/CD) of all layers in your robotics software stack
  • Native compilation on multiple CPU/GPU target platforms (ARM64, NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi, Edge TPU, CUDA, OpenCL)
  • Device provisioning, including bulk software deployment and health monitoring
  • Simulation-based testing solutions for your continuous integration (CI) pipeline

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