PSYGIG | Accelerate Data-Driven Robotics

Visualize and process data from all your units on the cloud

PSYGIG bring the data from your cars, drones and robots onto the cloud so you can process and build data-driven applications.

Be Data-Driven

You can now focus on the R&D of the core features for your moving robots. We handle the Big Data infrastructure on the cloud for you so you don't have to.

PSYGIG shows sensor data, system health, and logs from running systems. On top of that, you can visualize perceptions and deep learning training results.

When working with hardware, it’s useful to have benchmark data between different hardware models and versions. The ability to see tracking of data over time would help with the investigations for developers, operators, and owners.


Multiplatform SDK

Capture raw hardware/sensor measurements. Send control logs and error reports to the cloud. Track robots navigation and interactions with the physical world. Support for DJI Drones and Udacity Autonomous cars coming soon.

Online Diagnostic Tools

We make it easy to debug your Moving IoT applications with beautiful stack trace logs and tracking of metrics over time. You can easily compare benchmark for different versions of the same device or completely different models. In the near future, you can look into the "Perceptions" of your robots by visualizing neural network training results.


See all robots telemetry at scale. Share simulations and analytics. Free public dashboards. Privately hosted and on-Premises solutions available for enterprise.


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Our team is based on Tokyo, Japan. Previously, we worked on big data analytic solutions at YCombinator-backed startups in Silicon Valley and hardware systems at engineering firms in Japan.

We are now looking for Business Development Manager, Sales, and Engineers for our office in Tokyo.